WCBI's Sports Broadcaster Speaks with Tremont Students

Post date: May 13, 2014 5:58:59 PM

Friday, April 11, WCBI sports team’s Robby Donoho interviewed two of Tremont High School’s varsity basketball players that were signing with Itawamba Community College. Afterwards, he spoke to the Broadcast Journalism class, along with a few students from the yearbook class about the basics of camera operations and interviewing techniques. He shared with them information and interesting stories about his job. He told us he was originally from Noblesville, Indiana. He explained how he had pursued his job at WCBI. He attended Purdue University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication. During his presentation, he gave a few basic tips about interviewing and even let senior Taylor Ladewig interview him to give them some hands-on tips on the importance of choosing proper questions to ask and being polite. He allowed a few students to interact with an actual camera that is used by WCBI’s sports team and explained a few of the basic components and some additional information that goes into using the camera. He explained how he had played sports in high school and was very passionate about sports along with his career as one of WCBI’s sports team members. He showed us some of his sports broadcasts and broke them down into detail to give us an idea on how the process of sports broadcasting works. Afterwards, students were allowed to talk with him and ask him about his job and even a little about his personal life. He shared that he gets to work with Ole Miss, Alabama and MSU’s athletic programs by covering their games and interviewing players and coaches. He explained how lighting was very important, along with the environment of the place where the interview is taking place. He asked sophomore Leah Graham to let him interview her so he could demonstrate some interviewing techniques and show the importance of making conversation and being polite. During his explanation of interviewing he allowed a student to ask him about his past and where he had worked at before WCBI. Robby explained that he had worked with The Big Ten Network, ESPNu, and had done an internship with WLFI. The Broadcast Journalism class was thankful for Robby spending time with them and sharing his past experiences along with his passion for his career and sports.