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Tremont's Madi Guth- Veteran's Day Essay Contest Winner

posted Nov 13, 2015, 8:33 AM by Tremont WebMaster   [ updated Nov 13, 2015, 9:15 AM ]
Tremont 7th grader, Madi Guth, was one of two essay's chosen to be read at our 2015 Veteran's Day program.
Below is her essay titled, Extraordinary Veterans.

Extraordinary Veterans

Tremont High School Veterans Day Program Essay 2015

By: Madi Guth

What makes veterans so extraordinary? Its is how ordinary they appear to be. Not a lot of people could pick veterans out of a crows of strangers. They don't walk around with medals hanging from their necks and bragging about their experiences. You cant see what they have seen or know what they know without experiencing it yourself. All of this information seems to be licked inside of them, and no one is allows to see. How then, I ask you, are we to distinguish and honor these individuals?  Could it be that they so not expect to be honored for this sacrifice? Veterans could be exceptional people that do not seek exceptional treatment.Look around this gym. Look around for that individual that isn't ordinary. Look for the people that don't stand out in a crowd but should. Look for that person who is selfless, that gave more than most could ever dream of giving. Recognize that person the doesn't seek recognition.

Maybe we own them because they aren't ordinary. They are extraordinary. Maybe we owe them simply for being special. Many people ask why someone would risk their own life for another. Some veterans have been permanently physically or mentally disables form their services. Why would someone take that chance? some may have enlisted because of influence of their families; other, because they felt the need to protect themselves or their loved ones. Some may have joined to show their patriotism, their love for their country. There are many reasons people have chosen to join the military. Not one of them being more special than the other.

Imagine jumping out an airplane beyond enemy lines. Imagine strapping o boots that could be torn form your feet.Imagine living on an aircraft carrier that risks invasions day-in and day-out. Think of the bravery it would take to be in one or are of these scenarios. Many veterans live to tell their experiences... also,some don't get to return safely home and carry on with their lives. Veterans have that rare bravery. That's what sets them apart form the rest of us. So, I ask again, do we owe them for protecting us and our freedoms, or for risking their lives for us and our country? Or maybe we owe them for a much simpler reason- being special.

 Veterans have endured- and sacrificed. Because of veterans we are safe. We will forever honor, remember, and respect veterans. We owe our lives to you, veterans. And for that, we are forever grateful. Veterans have fought for us and kept out country the lave of the free,and more importantly, the home of the brave.