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Tremont Beta Club visits Virginia/D.C.

posted Mar 21, 2014, 10:49 AM by Tremont Eagles

During spring break, March 8-13, 2014, the Tremont Beta Club took a field trip to visit our nation’s capital.  The group consisted of 30 students and 13 adults (faculty and parents).  They left the school in Tremont, MS early Saturday morning and headed to Williamsburg, VA.  While spending two nights there, they visited the Governor’s Palace and several other museums.  Monday morning they departed from Williamsburg and headed to Washington D.C.  On their first day in D.C., they toured the Smithsonian Institute museums.  On Tuesday, they went on a sight-seeing tour to visit the World War II, Vietnam, Korean, FDR, Lincoln, and Jefferson Memorials, as well as the Washington Monument.  Wednesday morning was spent visiting the Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where they watched the changing of the guard.  Later that afternoon, they went to Mt. Vernon to see the home of George Washington-concluding their visit to D.C.  The group departed from Washington D.C. early Thursday morning and headed back to Tremont. 

                Principal Brady Ramey said that his students seemed to have a great time on their trip- especially during the White House tour when they got to see the president’s dogs.  He also said that one of his favorite parts of the trip was the day they visited all of the memorials.  Beta Club sponsor, Mrs. Todd, was able to enjoy this experience with her daughter Lakyn, who is a senior at Tremont. When asked about her favorite monument, Mrs. Todd said that she enjoyed the Vietnam Wall where she found names of family members listed.  Other Tremont faculty members on the trip included Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Yielding.  Tremont would like to thank Barkley Travel Services for providing the group with safe travel to and from all their destinations.

Quotes’ from Beta Club members

How was the traveling to Washington D.C.? “I was very cramped, but I enjoyed the experience. I got to know more about everyone in the seventeen hour bus ride.” –Anna Robinson

How was the hotel you all stayed in? “The second hotel was pretty awesome and cozy!” –Hope Pace

How was the food in Washington D.C.? “It was the same as around here, but the best was probably T.G.I. Fridays.”-Katelyn Ford

How did you feel spending a week without your family? “I really missed them!” -Hope Kennedy

How was Washington D.C. different from Tremont Mississippi? “There was a higher ethnic population in Washington than Tremont, more homeless people, and a much larger population in general. They had security forces equivalent to security in a large airport.” –Ethan Lacey

What is something you disliked about Washington D.C.? “All of the walking and Umbrella Bob”-Kari Lease

Was there anything that seemed special to you in Washington D.C.? “Most definitely! I liked the Unknown Soldier memorial and the Vietnam memorial. I also noticed a department of agriculture that Lincoln founded.” –Quinton Fredrick

What will you always remember from your trip to Washington D.C.? “The Lincoln Memorial” –Abby Webb

How has this opportunity influenced you as you are about to graduate? “If people like Ricky can make it, I can to!”-Stephen