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Tremont Attendance Center Visits Tupelo Buffalo Park

posted Oct 5, 2015, 8:30 AM by Tremont WebMaster   [ updated Oct 13, 2015, 8:03 AM ]

The broadcast journalism school news team went and spoke to Mrs. Kennedy about the trip that K-3 took to the Tupelo Buffalo Park.  She had these things to say,

 “Third grade had an exciting day experiencing all that the Buffalo Park had to offer, such as Patches “the giraffe”, Ki Ki “The lion”, Ricardo “the Burmese python”, 

and the our favorite primate Casanova which wooed Mrs. Kennedy into letting him give her a kiss.  We asked her if she thought the kids learned anything she told 

us, “Before we went we had been studying continents, endangered species, and some pretty cool exotic animals. I personally think they left with more knowledge 

about the animals than I would have ever been able to  teach them.”  We asked the children and Mrs. Kennedy to describe the Buffalo Park to us in one word they

 told us unanimously “Awesome!!” We then asked the class to give us one sentence to describe the trip this is what they told us, “The trip was “undescribable” 

Mrs. Kennedy corrected them chuckling  “indescribable.” The question came up do you see any more field trips in the future Mrs. Kennedy told us, “We hope that in the very near future we will be returning to the Buffalo Park.” 

Article By Cainan L. Stokes

Tremont Attendance Center visits Tupelo Buffalo Park