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Stormin' Bob Swanson Visits Tremont

posted Apr 1, 2014, 10:29 AM by Tremont Students

On Friday, March 21, Mr. Robert Swanson or “Stormin’ Bob Swanson” the singing weatherman visited Mrs. Patti Roberts’ ICT I and QUEST classes.  Mr. Swanson, who is a Natural Science teacher at Itawamba Community College, played his guitar, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica while he sang weather songs that he had written.  He taught students how thermometers work, how weather balloons are used in forecasting weather, and how to smash aluminum cans without using hands, which has to do with air pressure.   Bernouli’s Principle, Barometers, Pluviometers, and other instruments related to weather forecasting were also discussed.

Whether writing for USA Today, forecasting the weather, or teaching college students, Mr. Swanson has always worked what he enjoyed (music) into his job.  He gave great advice to students when he told them to do the same, “Work what you enjoy into your job.”

QUEST students are involved in weather and skateboard science units of study.  As collaboration between Mrs. Roberts’ ICT I classes and Mrs. Barnett’s 7th grade science classes, students are completing small group science/technology projects in ICT I.

Mrs. Patti Roberts said, “I love how Mr. Swanson uses his love of music and science to make weather and science fun and interesting for students.” 

Student, Madalyn Walton said, “He taught us a lot about the weather.  It was fun.” 

Student, Gracie McFadden said, “Stormin’ Swanson was really cool and I would like to see him again.” 

Student, Marina Stanphill said, “He was an inspiration to do a good job in school.”