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Return of the Eagles: 2014 – 2015 School Year

posted Aug 28, 2014, 11:06 AM by Tremont Eagles

School is back in session for the Tremont Attendance Center faculty and staff.  Many changes have been made since school ended in May.  Everyone is noticing there are plenty of new faces this year, including faculty and students.  Tremont School is a special place to many people here in the community.  School secretary, Mrs. Susan Wilson and custodian, Mr. Bobby Owen both mentioned that the people and the sense of community are what make Tremont School such a great place to be.  The school looks to have one of the largest enrollments in recent history, with approximately 340 students K-12 (Up from approximately 318 last year).  With the new faces, new facility improvements, and large enrollment numbers, the administration, faculty, and students anticipate a great school year.

Upon arrival at TAC this year, many should notice several facility improvements throughout the campus.  During the back to school assembly on the first day, students were able to notice one of the most visible new improvements, the gym floor.  The hardwood floor was sanded down and refinished with a new paint scheme design over the summer months.  Head Boys Basketball Coach, Brian Pearson had this to say on the new floor and other improvements, “Any time we have the opportunity to improve our facilities here at Tremont I think we enhance our student-athletes experience in high school sports. I can see the changes, we've already made have started to build extra excitement about our upcoming seasons.”  In addition, the school added new backstops/netting to the baseball and softball fields; and new fencing was also added to the baseball field. “I think the kids are going to benefit just for the simple fact that they understand the school is supporting them in the fact of spending money on their facilities and I think they are going to take pride in that,” said Shane Nichols, Head Baseball Coach. Not only were sports facilities improved, a new wooden fence and cross-ties were added to the high school parking lot and some rooms now have a fresh coat of paint and/or new flooring.

Here is a list of our new faculty members:

Mr. Nick Tutor –                    Teaching- Biology & Humanities

   Coaching- Bowling, Assistant Basketball & Baseball

Mr. Curt Sparks –                  Teaching- Sped 4-8

    Coaching- Boys Cross Country, Assistant Basketball & Baseball

Mrs. Stephanie Wren –         Teacher Assistant, ISS

Mrs. Misti Norris –                 Title One Assistant

Mrs. Kim Ramey –                 Library Assistant

Mrs. April Steele –                 Speech Teacher

Mr. Neal Ellis –                       Teaching- U.S. History, World History

    Coaching- Golf, Girls Basketball, Assistant Softball

Mrs. Stephanie Payne –        Teaching- Mississippi Writers, Creative Writing

    Coaching- Assistant Softball

These new faculty members along with all the others will be asked to implement a few new rule changes this school year.  First, a new change has been made to the student Cell Phone Policy.  Students in grades 8-12 cannot have their phones out in the building or they will be taken up.  If a phone is taken up, the student must wait five days and pay a fine of $25 or wait 30 days and pay no fine.  Second, there is a new rule change regarding dress code.  Leggings will be accepted as long as the shirt comes down to the end of the finger tips.  Students that do not follow this rule will be required to change into something appropriate.  Although some changes may be disliked by students, everyone should enjoy the freedom to express their style and personality in their clothing; many schools today are forced to wear school uniforms.

Tremont School is very excited to have the new addition of a head start program this year. The head start program offers children between the ages of three and four an opportunity to become familiar with the school setting before entering Kindergarten. Classes started on August 25th and seem to be going great so far for both the students and staff.  Tremont Assistant Principal, LeAnne Robinson stated, “I feel as if the head start will not only benefit parents, but will also help the children as well. They will become well acquainted with the school campus, and get to work with the kindergarten teachers that they will have next year.”  This program will offer a great convenience to parents and families in the community. According to Tremont Head Start staff members, Casey Nichols and Betty Ratliff, the children will spend at least 20 minutes each day reading, and the rest of their day going around to different centers in the classroom.  Students will also be taught Spanish and Phonics.  In addition, they will learn about nutrients, community help, and many other things.  Students will be served three meals each day from the school cafeteria. The head start is always in need of volunteers and anyone is welcome to help.

***For information on registering your child for head start call the school at (662) 652 – 3391***

Q & A

Coach Brady Ramey: What are your thoughts on the number of students on the high school side this year?

-          I am excited to see that the enrollment of our high school students has increased. The increasing numbers will help us both academically and athletically.

Stephanie Payne: What are your plans for the new school year?

-          To create and maintain a positive learning environment so I can help my students be successful both inside and outside the classroom.

Coach Neal Ellis: What was your first impression of Tremont?

-          My first impression was positive because the school is the heart of Tremont and the school looks great inside and out. TAC is the best kept secret in Itawamba County and I am very blessed to be here. Also, the administration and student body have been wonderful to work with.

School Counselor, Noel Vanasselberg:  Do you have any comments on the large enrollment this year?

-          It’s been difficult to schedule bigger classes and to find room.

Coach Shane Nichols: What do you think about the improvements on campus?

-          I am really excited for our kids about the new improvements because they are the ones who benefit.

Coach Pearson:  What benefits will the team and school gain from the improvements in the gym?

I think the entire school and community should be proud of the improvements that have been made.