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Arbor Day with Tremont 3rd Graders

posted Mar 18, 2014, 10:29 AM by Tremont Students
Mrs. Kennedy's 3rd grade class was visited by Mrs. Polly Tutor of Itawamba County Soil and Water Conservation District on Friday, February 14,2014.  In Mississippi, Arbor Day is celebrated on the second.
Friday of February. Each 3rd grader was given a tree to plant at their house by Mrs. Tutor. Mrs. Kennedy and some of her students decided to say a few words about what they learned from Mrs. Tutor's visit.
Third grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Kennedy said, "We were very excited to have Mrs. Polly Tutor from the Itawamba County Soil and Water Conservation District come and speak to us. She provided valuable information about how trees are important in our lives and their many uses."
Here's what some of the third grade students at Tremont had to say about their experience with Mrs. Tutor:
"I learned that trees are very important to the Earth." K.C. Owens
"We learned about the different uses of trees." Carmen McCullough
"We've been celebrating Arbor Day since 1872." Isaiah Payne
"Arbor Day was founded by Julius Sterling Morgan." Braxton Lovorne
"I learned that trees provide homes for us." Kara Moody
"I learned that trees provide homes for many animals." Kent Humphries
"I learned that bark on the trees is the skin." Chloe Shepard
"I learned the rings on the trees tell their age." Blake Glass
"I learned there are many clubs and organizations that help trees." Andrew Moore
"I learned that the trees roots help with stopping soil erosion." Connor Rogers
"I learned that trees help provide life saving medicine." Catherine Barham