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4th Grade learns about Agriculture

posted Mar 18, 2014, 10:42 AM by Tremont Students

Mrs. Jan Holley, co-owner of Holley Farm, came and spoke to the 4th grade students Friday about Agriculture, how crops grow in Mississippi, importance of farming, and cattle and what they are used for. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Lovvorne, says "Jan Holley provided my class with really good information about how Agriculture is used in our state. The students really enjoyed the information." student, Mallory Holley said, "I learned how they put milk in the milk machines. I really  enjoyed her coming to speak to us. She gave us stickers, bracelets, and toys." Student, Paden Allison said "I enjoyed her coming to teach me things I didn't know." Student, Keagan Rogers says "She taught me what stuff was made out of, like jello. I really enjoyed Mrs. Jan's presentation."