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1st Annual Cross Country Invitational at Holley Farm

posted Sep 9, 2014, 10:23 AM by Tremont Students

This article was written for you by the Broadcast Journalism class.

This past Saturday, on August 30th, Tremont’s Cross Country program hosted their first ever meet at Holley Farm (Tremont, MS). Brady Ramey, principal at Tremont said, “This location was perfect for our cross country meet. We had plenty of space for all our teams and spectators. It was exciting to see our cross country team doing so well especially since it was our meet.” It is very encouraging to hear so much positive excitement for the cross country team and program. Girls cross country coach, Jake Hanson, had this to say about the event, “I think the meet went very well. I was impressed with all the teams and the sportsmanship that they showed Saturday.” Hosting an event such as this requires a lot of hard work and effort by many different people. 

The girl’s assistant coach, Dawn Rogers, shared with us some of the efforts that went into preparing this event. She mentioned, “First, we had to go look at the location and plan our running trail by measuring the distance for the races. We had to go or have someone fix the trail by mowing and making sure it was smooth.  We had to advertise our race by contacting other schools. Also, t-shirts were made for the top-runners and staff workers.”  Coach Sparks had this to say about Tremont’s first event of the season, “The first meet went better than expected. The hard work and dedication of the staff and family made the event go very smooth.  The boys did extremely well and we plan to grow on the success.” Mr. Ramey, who has coached cross country in the past, mentioned that he felt like the atmosphere at Holley Farm was by far the best place he has ever seen.

Overall, the cross country meet was a great success.  This being said, it was not an easy task to complete.  Administration, coaches, and the Holley Farm staff and family worked endlessly from start to finish.  Many teachers also volunteered to help on the day of the meet.  When asked how much time went into preparation for the meet, Rogers stated, “A lot of hours! We had volunteers work on our track for at least two days.  It took several afternoons of 2-3 hours getting everything organized for that day.” Coach Hanson was asked if he was pleased with the runner’s performances and the overall attendance.  He said, “I was very proud of our team and Tremont.  Everyone performed great.  We had several in the top 15 in all races and we had the top finisher, Allison Hadorn, in Junior High girls.  I also want to express my appreciation to the Tremont community for showing support to our school and team.”  The question everyone might be asking now is, Will Tremont host this event again next year?  Principal Brady Ramey says their plans are to make this meet an annual event. Tremont would like to say thanks again to the Holley family and the Holley Farm staff for allowing the school to use their beautiful facilities.  The cross country teams will compete again on September 13th at the Cherry Tree Orchard in Pontotoc, MS.

Here are some results from the meet:

Overall Results

Overall JH Results

Overall HS Girls

Overall HS Boys



Tishomingo County








Tishomingo County

Tremont’s Results



HS Boys

Top JH Boys

HS Girls

Top JH Girls

Pierre Garel

Bryce Cagle

Kaitlyn Atters

Allison Hadorn

Hugh Roberts

Jessie Sartin

Audra Norris

Autumn Robertson

Nacho Ibares


Hope Kennedy

Faith Norris

Seth Bezzotte


Hallie Robinson

Tamara Palmer

Kristian Sartain