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Birthdays: Haley Robinson

·       Junior high games here tonight beginning at 5:00 against Smithville.

·       HS Students—use your break time & lunch time or between classes to go to the restroom. Too many students out in the hallway during class time. Tardy bell rings at lunch.

·        FFA will be recycling cans to donate for the Itawamba County Animal Shelter. There will be garbage cans setup at break.

·        Homeroom today at the end of break. (same locations as the past)

·        Meet the Eagles will be Friday, October 20 beginning at 4:30.  ASB teams, junior high and high school basketball teams will be scrimmaging and cheerleaders will perform.  Cost is $3.00.  Make plans to come support the teams.

·        Horticulture classes have mums and pumpkins for sale starting today. See Mrs. Holley for prices.

·        Reception for National Day of Writing will be Monday, Oct. 23 at 6:00 at ICC—Fine Arts Building.

·        Any Juniors interested in participating in the Tombigbee Region- Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi Youth Leadership Program need to get an info. packet out of the Junior box outside Mrs. Hunter's office. There are forms you will need to fill out and returned to Mrs. Hunter by November 17.

·       FCA - meets on Wednesday mornings in the gym at 7:30. 

·        Any student 5-8 student who is interested in participating in the DAR American History Essay Contest needs to see Mrs. Hunter by October 23.

·        Seniors interested in applying for the DAR Good Citizen Scholarship should see Mrs. Hunter by October 23.

·        Blood Drive will be here November 8.  Sign-up sheet is in the office.

·        FAFSA---Seniors , sign up for an appt. on Oct. 30 see Mrs. Hunter.

·        Keep our campus clean! Help keep it clean by cleaning up your messes!

·        Cell Phone ---First time, teachers take up and turn in to office, 2nd time we will hold phone for 5 days and you can pay $25 or we will hold it for 30 days. No earbuds/phones.

·       Parking decals are $15.

·       Students you are not allowed to go to vehicles in the parking lot during break.  Come by office to get permission to go to your vehicle at any time during the day.

Red Ribbon Week

   Fri.-Team Spirit (OUR SCHOOL)


K-8: Brunch for lunch, fruit/yogurt

9-12: Brunch for lunch, fruit/yogurt plate, hamburger, pizza

National Teach Ag. Day September 21, 2017

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Box Tops for Education

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Tammy Wynette Legacy Park Restaurant Opening

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The restaurant section of the Tammy Wynette Legacy Park opened on August 10th, 2017. 

Hours: Thursday - Saturday   4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
            Sunday                       11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

What a Mighty Good Man!

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Womanless Beauty Review is scheduled for May 15. Entry Forms  can be obtained in the office

Sports Wrap Up

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Baseball/Softball/ XC  Banquet scheduled for April 27

THS Beauty Pageant

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THERE IS STILL TIME! Tremont Attendance Center will host a beauty pageant on Thursday, March 30, 2017 in the high school gym. 

To participate, there will be an entry fee of $25, an additional $10 allows contestants a chance to win the Most Photogenic award as well as other awards.

All proceeds benefit the Tremont High School's 2016-2017 prom.

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