Lunch Menu

Weekly Lunch Menu

** POTATO PLATE is always an 8-12 option only. **

Monday 08/14/17
Corn Dog Nuggets
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
BBQ Rib Sandwich

 Tuesday 08/15/17
Tomato Stuffed with Chicken Salad
Chicken Patty Sandwich Trimmings
Wednesday 08/16/17
John Wayne Casserole
Yogurt Sandwich Combo

Thursday 08/17/17
Fruit and Yogurt Plate
Stromboli Supreme

Friday 08/18/17
Cereal Yogurt Plate
American Sub Sandwich

I hope your food is great!

Kenny Coker

Food Service Director

Itawamba County School District

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Fulton, MS  38843

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"Strong Bodies, Strong Minds"