Tremont Softball 2016-2017       

EXPERIENCE: Softball Coach Ellis's Take on Last Year's Record and Plans for the Future
Wesley Holt
Gregory Tucker
Staff Writers

Asking any coach about his previous record can be a bit scary. It certainly depends on the record. Recently, a few of us were dispatched from Mrs. C's Broadcast Journalism class to get the scoop from Coach Ellis himself about the Eagle's softball program's tough season and hopes for building this year. Firstly, we had to ask if we had the record right. We had found that the record was 0-14, and we asked if this was correct. Ellis said, with half a grin,"Sounds about close" he confirmed, followed by a knowing look. Then we asked how the team has changed from last year, and he replied,"Experience. We simply have more experience at competing at this level, and so we should do better." This also answered our next question: How he expects a different outcome. We asked why the team seemed so inefficient last year. "We had never experienced competition at this level. There was such a lack of experience that we didn't know what to do" exclaimed Ellis. We went on and asked how the team roster had been changed and if it would help them win this year. "We did change the roster up this year. We got some newcomers and had a few seniors leave, but that has nothing to do with why i expect us to win. We will win because of our experience." We then continued on to ask him if the attitudes of the players injured the team last year. "The majority of the players had good attitudes, but there are always a select few students that don't act the same." From there, we asked if he felt like the team did their best last year, and he simply replied "Yes." Then we asked him if he thinks the team will do better this year and how many games he expects the team to win. "Yes, and I expect that we will win about half of our games this year." Lastly, we asked him what his coaching philosophy was and what were some good qualities of a good coach. "You have to inspire the players to do their best, and to always give it your all as a coach." Simply put, the more games this young team plays together, the more improvement he expects to see. We could not agree more, Coach. Here's to a successful season and many more to come.
Anna Robinson
Katie Graham
Kaitlyn Garrett
Sarah Kilgore
Kaitlyn Ford
Chloe House
Santana Dill
Marina Stanphill
Tiffany Lentz
Bethanney Esquibel
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